Dare To Dream!

As partners of “Mozaik UW Cameras” and “UnderwaterPhotography.com“, we at Aqua Spirit have years of experience in the diving and underwater photography industry.
We also work closely with Fly & Sea, an IATA accredited full service Travel Agency since 1988, who handle our bookings and make sure everything runs like clockwork throughout the entire trip.
Our goal is to create tailor made dive trips for our community, encompassing a unique perspective on marine life and photography and a full diving experience which would create a lifetime of memories.
Our team is constantly at your disposal for any question or request. We welcome you to take part in our vision and embark on a fantastic dive trip to explore the wonders of the ocean!

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Who we are

We are Ran & Danielle Mor. Ocean lovers, explorers, world travelers, entrepreneurs and divers of course! Danielle is an experienced SSI and PADI instructor, with hundreds of certifications behind her, as well as a dedicated Watsu therapist. Ran is an Underwater Photographer and Web Expert, who loves to teach and share his experience. Our mission is to share our love for the ocean with the world, one person at a time.

Check out Ran’s Underwater Photography Portfolio.
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Ran was featured on Ikelite’s website Check it out!

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Connect with us

Photo by: Zena Holloway

Danielle’s wetsuit: Swish Wetsuits


Our Team

Meet David Girsh!

David is a PADI, SSI and SDI dive instructor, an adventurer, a photographer and a conservationist who loves explore new places around the globe and especially it’s underwater realms! Since he was a little kid he was breathing the ocean air, snorkeling in the red sea and chasing fish. His passion towards protecting the ocean and its animals was inevitable and it’s very important to him!

Today with thousands of dives in some of the most amazing dive destinations in the world with hundreds of certs under his belt his mission is to educate and open people’s minds about the importance of ocean conservation. In David’s trips, he will take you on a journey not just to experience the wildlife and nature, but to really understand how you can protect it!



Feel free to contact David for anything!