Do you want to travel back in time and witness the Caribbean Sea as it was hundreds of years ago? Dive Cuba’s sprawling national park in the Gulf of Ana Maria; it’s called Jardines de la Reina (Gardens of the Queen) for good reason. This archipelago of 250 coral and mangrove islands is probably the

Let’s start with the simple question – Why are we afraid of Sharks? As a dive instructor, I’m often asked the same terrified question before a dive: “Wait, are there Sharks here?!?” They’re scared. It’s not their fault… This is just how we grew up. Who doesn’t know the cult movie “Jaws”? Thanks the Mr.

This stunning footage, published by Barcroft TV, may very well be the first documentation of Killer Whales hunting down a Tiger Shark! Thanks to highly advanced social communication, the pack of Orcas pin the Shark to the surface, and at the right moment take him under while biting off his fins and immobilizing him. Nature